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Guest Star : Le Hegel H200

En démonstration exclusive, l'amplificateur intégré du nord vous étonnera.

3 599,00€

Extremely powerful H200 High-End Integrated Amplifier,
2x200W in 8 ohms, 2x350W in 4 ohms.

With its powerful 2x200 watt and a dual mono power supply it is much more dynamic and powerful than the H1mk4.

The H200 fills the gap between the integrated amplifier H1 and the combination of the pre amplifier P2A mk2 / power amplifier H2A mk2. A new feature of the H200 is a Home Theatre input for use with an external surround sound system.

The H200 has got a relay switched input source selector and can be connected to different types of music sources. A display shows the selected input source and volume setting. The integrated amplifier has got a new digitally controlled active preamp stage and the new improved SoundEngine amplifier modules. It has got both balanced and unbalanced inputs.

The idea behind the H200 project was to design a new generation of amplifiers based on the new and improved SoundEngine amplifier technology from the H2A mk2 and H4A mk2 power amplifiers, combined with a completely new digitally controlled active preamp stage with technology from the P2Amk2 preamplifier.

The main goal was to keep the powerful and dynamic presentation
of the H2A mk2 / H4A mk2 and combine it with a very transparent preamp stage. The sound has got powerful dynamic bass, a high resolution soundstage and a smooth, warm and detailed sound. 

The reduction of dynamic distortion all over the audible frequency range together with complete elimination of "transistor sound" makes the H200 sound smooth and transparent without losing any details.

The H200 plays dynamic, pure and powerful.

The RC2 remote control is included