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Musical Fidelity M1Clic

Le Musical Fidelity M1Clic est en démonstration.

Un format compact mais il fait tout : Dac USB - Pré Ampli - Player Réseau - Radio Internet ... sauf l'amplification, il ne lui manque plus qu'un ampli de puissance Lyngdorf SDA2175 par exemple.

Livré avec une télécommande.

Une aubaine à 1499€.

The M1 CLiC is universal music controller for digital and analog sources. It has:

  • Seven digital inputs (2 x digital ipod/iphone/memory stick or USB drive, 2 x coax, optical, USB,  network connection.)
  • Three analog inputs
  • Streaming
  • Internet radio

The CLiC has both fixed and variable output.  It also has a trigger output.

The CLiC will operate from wireless or Ethernet.


At its heart, the CLiC has a very low noise, low jitter up to 24bit 192 kHz, reclocking upsampling DAC.  This has outstanding technical performance with extremely low distortion and excellent linearity. True state of the art performance.

The CLiC will accept the following formats:

  • FLAC (up to 24bit 192 kHz on wired LAN and up to 24bit 96 kHz on wireless LAN)
  • WMA/9  (up to 16bit 48 kHz)
  • AAC, HE-AAC (up to 24bit 96 kHz)
  • LPCM (up to 24bit 192 kHz on wired LAN and up to 24bit  96 kHz on wireless LAN)
  • Ogg vorbis 1.0 (up to 16bit 32 kHz)
  • MP3 (up to 16bit 48 kHz)

The seven digital inputs are configured as follows:

  • 2 x digital ipod/iphone, memory stick, USB disc drive
  • 2 x coax inputs (SP-DIFF up to 24bit 192 kHz)
  • Optical (up to 24bit 192 kHz)
  • USB input
  • Network connection

The wireless connection can operate up to 24bit 96 kHz depending on computer network settings.


The analog inputs are pure analog from beginning to end.